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Cay were a rock band which formed in London, England, United Kingdom in 1998. The band consisted of Anet Mook (vocals), Nicky Olofson (guitar), Tom Harrison (bass) and Mark Bullock (drums). The band's members were from The Netherlands, Sweden, England and Northern Ireland, respectively. The band issued their debut album "Nature's Little Freaks" in 1999 and the band dissolved sometime in early 2001 after recording a Peel Session in late November 2000. Anet Mook's death was a...

Harry >>


Harry is Harry, a leather-clad free spirit from Reading, who shares her birthday (10/5/81) with Bono, Sid Vicious and Fred Astaire, Guitarist Rob Holliday, Bassist and keyboard player Eden plus drummer Oly Grasset.

A Madonna and Duran Duran-worshipping pop kid, Harry had her eyes opened to the world of loud guitars and visceral rock by Nirvana's classic 'Nevermind' album. "When I first heard Nirvana I thought 'Wow this rocks!'" Harry grins, her eyes ablaze with the memory. "I love pop songs ...

Sita >>

You will shortly hear more about Dutch artist Sita, an international priority act for Jive Records/Zomba. Sita's current single in the Netherlands "Hello" is co-written by Daniel Gibson and Julius Bengtsson. "Hello" is taken from Sita's success album which is now being launched internationally.

Candy Ass >>

he all-girl pop rock explosion, known as Candy Ass, first staked their claim in the New York City music scene in the fall of 1998. During their first year the girls gained a tremendous following that watched them shake, wiggle, and giggle their way onto Howard Stern's TV and Radio shows, MTV's Rocks Off and Metallica's "Whiskey in a Jar" music video. In 1999 their fan base continued to broaden as Candy Ass was splashed and displayed in the glossy editorial pages of PAPER, NYLON and INTERVIEW.

Cookie >>

Rawk n' Fucking Roll from Seattle. If Joey Ramone and Patsy Cline had an illegitimate love child, Cookie's fiery front woman/bassist Sabrina RockArena would be it.

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Belly >>

Dragster >>


"Like drunken sex on speed this has been a long time coming. Theyve produced a double-barrelled blast up of grease, dirty energy that bursts its way from a stack of speakers. Kinda like Dwarves and early Dead Kennedys bitching over who likes Motorhead more" 8/10 - Paul Raggity @ RockSound

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AUDIO 3 is a band fronted by a female singer, Tatiane Rulêz. They're from Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. More informations: or

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Syrenn is an industrial electro rock band from Philadelphia PA fronted and produced by Angie Maddox. Syrenn has been in the works for a little over 3 years but only recently came to light in 2009. The sound has been compared to 90's band Garbage with an industrial twist. In late 2009 Syrenn signed with machineKUNT Records and are expecting their debut album to hit stores and online distributors mid 2010. Syrenn will be touring this coming spring. Keep an eye out everywhere and definitely check o...