Bound and Gagged >>

A late-70's Boston 6-woman punk band; released a 12-inch single on Modern Method Records in 1980 featuring "Roach Motel"
Barbara Britto: lead vocals
Trudy Koby: bass and vocals
Marcia Maglione: keyboards and vocals
Deni Ozan: drums
Wendy Stone: guitar
Martha Swetzoff: guitah and vocals

Angry Pudding >>


All girl punk band from South Florida, check them out at

Blonde Redhead >>

Their sound is somewhat No Wave-influenced in its dissonant, wall-of-guitar atonality and alternate tunings, swirling, sharp-edged guitars, insistent upper-register keyboards, and tempestuous drumming and nothing -- absolutely nothing -- can prepare you for their fractured, spectral harmonies....

Fluffy >>


Fluffy :: The all-girl punk band from London. Sadly, they split up towards the end of the 90s. But the good news is ALL of the girls are now working on other projects...

Don't look back in angora. Posh girls in negligible negligees or authentic fem-punks with grit and guts to spare? Fluffy take the stand.

"Lets do porn shots." Amanda Rootes moves away from the Fluffy-in-a-line-up-against-the-wall pose and nuzzles Bridgette Jones to demonstrate the outcome of a recent photo session. ...



Kick-Yer-Ass, ALL Chick, Punk Rock 'N' Roll Band
From the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area.
Chix-Pack is a bunch of Kick-Ass CHIX playing all-ORIGINAL Punk Rock "N" Roll tunes!
Singing about:
Life/Death...Junkies/Crackheads..Uncontrollable Destinys...Losing Limbs...Dumb-Ass Bitches Fighting/Loving..Tattoos.Gettin' Drunk..Growing up on the Streets of San Francisco/Oakland Murder/Suicide...Lust/Love/Hate...Skaters/Rock N Rollers..Satan/Clowns ...

Bikini Kill >>

I think grungish type of band Kurt Cobain actually dated one of them and i think it was her who gave him the name Smells like teen spirit

X-Ray Spex >>


It was in the hot summer of 1976 that Poly Styrene placed an advert
in the British music papers NME and MELODY MAKER which started with
the grabbing header of 'YOUNG PUNX WHO WANT TO STICK IT TOGETHER'.
The ad worked like a magic magnet.
Jak Airport, Lora Logic and Paul Dean were first through the doors to audition.
Poly thought they were talented plus cute,
perfect for the X-RAY SPEX dream. X-RAY SPEX gave their debut performance
at London's Roxy in Covent Garden after just six rehears...

Bunny Five Coat >>

All-female punk band from Pittsburgh, PA. Kind of like an old-school, yet catchy, punk sound.

Mini Skirt Jerks >>

All girl four peice punk band from Huntsville, Alabama. Check them out at

Lillettes >>


OK, so we're the Lillettes, we rock hard and we party like bitches, we are erotic cabaret, we are s-punk rock, we are dy-na-mite from our hairsprayed heads to our spike-heeled boots. We'll take you up to Heaven and down to Sins-ville, we'll be very good and then very baaad, we're five rock'n'roll grand dames with a mission to spread decadence, debauchery and our very own brand of garage/punk/glitter/surf-fuelled noize all over this shit-pit of a planet. Come with us if you dare, honey... Angel D...