Bound and Gagged >>

A late-70's Boston 6-woman punk band; released a 12-inch single on Modern Method Records in 1980 featuring "Roach Motel"
Barbara Britto: lead vocals
Trudy Koby: bass and vocals
Marcia Maglione: keyboards and vocals
Deni Ozan: drums
Wendy Stone: guitar
Martha Swetzoff: guitah and vocals

Blood Red Shoes >>


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Formed in
Founded in
Band Members
Steven Ansell (2005 - )
Laura-Mary Carter (2005 - )
Consisting of Steven Ansell (vocals and drums) and Laura-Mary Carter (vocals and guitar), they formed in Brighton, 2005 after their previous bands (Cat on Form and Lady Muck respe...

Switchblade Kitty >>


SwitchBlade Kitty is like the Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Studio 54 dipped in punk rock batter, lit on fire and kicked out on the streets of Los Angeles to run WILD!
Adorned in stratigically placed electrical tape and more ripped fishnet than your fantasy can handle these girls destroy every venue they touch!
These angry girls liken themselves to a mix between Wendy O' Williams and the Sex Pistols with a little bit of GWAR on the side!
SwitchBlade Kitty is originated out of Los Angeles, C...

bitchcat >>

All girl down and dirty punk-rockin-metal from NYC.

Midget Stooges >>

I heard this band back in 1996, they're a group of girls from Australia, very cool. I can't find any info on them, but if you happen to find a Midget Stooges LP or CD, don't hesitate to buy it! The one song I know is called "shit house" it blends punk with comedy, singing about the tragedies of being a teenager (well not really).

Daisy Chainsaw >>


Before Queen Adreena, Katie Jane Garside fronted Daisy Chainsaw....

The Distillers >>

Brilliant punk rock band with Brody Dalle on lead vocals/guitar.

Girl Band >>

Sometimes pretty, sometimes hard. Four hot chicks who know how to play...dirty. Guys want to be them, girls just want them. Ready or not here they come! Girl Band is members of Fabulous Disaster, MDC, Bimbo Toolshed and Kooliecat.

Luminescent Orchestrii >>

3 Hott Chick Fiddlers, 1 guitarist and 1 Guitarron
This female fronted band plays Romanian Gypsy Punk, avante-garde hip-hop, and salty tangos. It's a hot dance event to see them play. They put on an amazing show! Be ready to dance.

gobettygo >>


Go BettyGo's mixture of pure punk rock bite and passionate messages of independence and strength have a peerless realism and quality. Formed as a teenage dream in a Glendale, California garage in the spring of 2000, sisters Nicolette and Aixa Vilar (vocal, drums), guitarist Betty Cisneros and bassist Michelle Rangel have managed to stake an artistic claim as impressive as it has been successful. Averaging 4 shows a week, the hard working foursome performs anywhere and everywhere, from the Hollyw...