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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American pop singer-songwriter. After performing in the rock music scene of New York City's Lower East Side in 2003 and later enrolling at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, she soon signed with Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records. During her early time at Interscope, she worked as a songwriter for fellow label artists and captured the attention of rapper Akon, ...

Bananarama >>


Bananarama are an English girl group who had several hit pop and new wave songs in the 1980s. They have had ten singles in the top-ten of the UK singles chart to date, as well as three U.S. top-ten hits, one of which hit number one. Some of their biggest international hits include "Cruel Summer", "Venus", "Love in the First Degree" and "I Heard a Rumour". They are known for their unique vocal style which features all members singing the same notes in uniso...

Cascada >>


Following the sensational success at the World Music Awards 2007, it..s clear: Cascada is the most successful German act worldwide right now.
Besides artists like Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Shakira and Beyonce, dance pop sensation Natalie Horler from Bonn/Germany is holding the desired award in her hands.

This huge success starts in 2005 when their debut album "Everytime we touch" and their debut single with the same title takes the world by storm and reaches top 5 ...

Skye Sweetnam >>


The short epic history of your new favourite little monster with the candy-coated smile…

Once upon a time, during an orange moon in May 1988, a little wild child was born. With a big curl of hair on her head and pretty little eyes as blue as the Scottish Isle, she was appropriately named SKYE. The little girl grew up to a bigger little girl - that’s me!

And, the story goes like this…

I was a young girl with big dreams living in a small town in southern Ontario, proudly called Bol...

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Marsheaux is a Greek synthpop duo formed in Athens in 2003. The group is composed of vocalists, songwriters and keyboardists Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou. The name Marsheaux is derived from the first syllable of each band member's name. Both members sing almost exclusively in English. Andy McCluskey of OMD said about this band: "I do have a soft spot for Marsheaux I have to say. They have a certain sort of wispy, melancholic charm".

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If youre looking for the new pop phenomena for the year 2002 then look no further, Shakira is your women. Having already sold 8 million copies of her previous albums world-wide, Shakiras new album Laundry Service went straight in the US charts at #3.

A native of Columbia and of Lebanese decent, 24 year old Shakira is a total package, a writer, a producer, a singer and a dancer. She also happens to be truly beautiful. She signed her first deal with Sony at the age of 13, wrote her first song a...

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I like dressing up. I like drinking wine. I enjoy loneliness. I like romance. I like being in control. I like being submissive. I like reading poetry aloud. I like absinth. I like parisian prostitutes from the early 1900s, true ladies. I like tattoos. I'd like Nick Cave to sing to me as I bled to death. I like making up stories. I like to lie, it makes life more interesting. I LOVE The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster. I kill people and sell the bodies. I'm in a band, but then who isnt?


WigWam >>


What do you get when 90’s legend, the inimitable Betty Boo enters the studio with Blur’s louche bassist Alex James and start working together for the first time?

The answer is WigWam! Late March 2006 sees the debut eponymous spiky pop dance single from the duo. The unlikely pair have been working in the studio for the last year on and off, mostly with producer Ben Hillier, and former Boo collaborators The Beatmasters - creating an album of experimental yet accessible 21st century pop.

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Kylie Minogue is a phenomenon of truly international proportions. To date she has released nine albums, six long-play videos, in addition to the Greatest Hits double album and video package, live album and video and 39 singles throughout the world, all of which have been hits.

Kylie has been the guest of Royalty in Britain and Europe, and the subject of several invitations for Royal Command Performances as well as the Lennon Memorial Concert in Liverpool in 1990. She has embarked on four sell...

Aqua >>

A very nice Band.