Darling >>


New all girl-band from London.

Line-up includes Angie Adams and Bridget Jones, both ex-members of Fluffy

Thee Heavenly Music Association >>


Thee Heavenly Music Association is an apt moniker, but one that the duo of Helen Storer and David Hillis could have a hard time living up to. If murky guitar riffs and some feedback and fuzz are your niche, then step right up! Bands such as the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine are easily discerned here, while current bands such as Singapore Sling and Bikini Atoll are definitely quaint comparisons.

"Synesthesia" starts the album off with a beefy guitar riff and ethereal, ...

Collide >>


Fuckin awesome industrial band!

Bettys Trash >>

Watch out, Betty's Trash will piss on you too.

Queen Adreena >>


QueenAdreena is an independent rock band from London, England which is currently signed to One Little Indian Records. Vocalist KatieJane Garside and guitarist Crispin Gray had previously collaborated in the celebrated but short-lived band Daisy Chainsaw. They were joined by drummer Billy Freedom and bassist Orson Wajih and then released their first album, Taxidermy, in 2000, on the Blanco y Negro Records imprint.

Billy Freedom was replaced in 2002 by drummer Pete Howard, formerly of The Clash...

Lady Sovereign >>

Lady Sovereign is a hip hop/grime artist from London, England. She is the first ever non-American female to have signed a deal with Def Jam Records.

Dresden Dolls >>


Theatrical punk cabaret. female vocals with an insane range, piano and drums. Like nothing ever before!
dresden dolls website

Faith Evans >>


The blues help us laugh at our misfortune, make light of our hazardous lives, and reaffirm that living is what life is about no matter how many hurdles we have to jump over.

* Opal Palmer Adisa

These days, most R&B music is heavy on the rhythm and glaringly light on the blues. Faith Evans may not be a traditional blues singer, but an unmistakable trace of indigo melancholy reverberates in her full yet delicate soprano on her fantastic new CD, Faithfully. But rather than the sound of sa...

heavens to betsy >>

Alice Deejay >>

World-renowned multi-DJ party act Alice Deejay is most recognized by its singing front woman, the striking "Judy" (who is also referred to as Alice Deejay). The Amsterdam-based all-girl DJ act has been a force in the Happy Hardcore and Progressive House music scenes.

If you're a fan of raves, psychotropic drugs, and twenty-minute long remixes, then no introduction is necessary, but if you're not European, you'll probably need a short course in Alice Deejayism.

foxy judy at the roxy