Darling >>


New all girl-band from London.

Line-up includes Angie Adams and Bridget Jones, both ex-members of Fluffy

Bastard >>

Courtney Love's new band. I think its gonna be ALL female. They'll kick ass. I think it'll be punkishly alternative rock if that made anysense

Bettys Trash >>

Watch out, Betty's Trash will piss on you too.

Thee Heavenly Music Association >>


Thee Heavenly Music Association is an apt moniker, but one that the duo of Helen Storer and David Hillis could have a hard time living up to. If murky guitar riffs and some feedback and fuzz are your niche, then step right up! Bands such as the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine are easily discerned here, while current bands such as Singapore Sling and Bikini Atoll are definitely quaint comparisons.

"Synesthesia" starts the album off with a beefy guitar riff and ethereal, ...

Blood Sundae >>


Leeds based all girl melodic metal band Blood Sundae.

Unter null >>


Solo project of Erica Dunham (sing, programming, keybords etc...)


Blu Cantrell >>

Some say that true art is born out of pain; that it is the prodigious love child of those that have dealt with heartache and lived to tell about it. People who know how it feels to be alone, to be afraid, to be blue. If the music on her stunning debut album, So Blu, is any indication, soul singer/songwriter Blu Cantrell has clearly mastered the art of forging pain into pleasure, turning something that hurts so bad into something that feels (and sounds) so good.

On the head-nodding drive of B...

Collide >>


Fuckin awesome industrial band!

stealing stuff for free >>


Stealing Stuff For Free is a comedy band that infuses punk, folk, techno and just plain rock-n-roll into lyrics about drinking, killing people and hating everyone. It's all in fun though, poking fun at things that America is known best for. Don't take them too seriously, they don't.

Cheap Love Magazine >>


Formed early this year with members from existing bands and RIP. With Chrissy on unmerciful vocal chords, Cez plucking, Angel chainsaw-riffing (ex-guitarist) and Jay (ex-drummer) sledging on drums. First appeared on "THIS TIME WE UNITE!" with bands from the real independent Punk-HC DIY scene in Davao City. The band underwent construction on the line-up looking for permanent positions to fit-in. They currently have 4 songs and working on a few more to record...