Rockbitch >>


the name says it all... drug, sex and rock'n'roll!!!

Backslash >>

Female vocals for a power thrash metal German band. their cd is "Intention"

Cherry Debauchery >>

A smorgasboard of excitement filled depravity... Fun for the WHOLE family! Even better than queefin' in a Bath Tub!

Bitch >>

1980's metal band from Los Angeles featuring Betsy Weiss (aka Betsy Bitch) on vocals. The band created a large local following with their S&M stage show. Bitch released several albums through the 1980's on Metal Blade Records, most have been re-issued on CD format.



Female-fronted 3-piece band from Binghamton, New York- IF MAN IS FIVE got their start in the Summer of 2002. Over the last 5 years, IMIF has been amazing audiences with their electric stage performances and eclectic sound. All of their classical training and diverse musical influences meld flawlessly in an assortment of styles ranging from metal to punk, and classical to hardcore. UNIQUE, talented, like nothing you've heard before.

Delirium Theory >>


Delirium Theory are a 4 piece female fronted (and backed!) rock/funk/metal band from Leeds/Sheffield, United Kingdom.

They just recorded our 4 track demo and are now getting ready to get out there and gig!

They're going to hit you in the face like a sledgehammer!

Arch Enemy >>

Lead Vocalist Angela Gossow gives boys something to think about when she screams

cycle sluts from hell >>

Rob Zombie was a big fan of this band. Cycle Sluts From Hell were: Queen Vixen, Honey 1%er, She Fire Ice, Venus Penis Crusher, Lord Roadkill. They were an over-the-top/campy band with a sleazy, sexy image. Best known for their "Wish You Were A Beer" video featured in the 1980's on MTV's "Headbangers Ball".

Lacuna Coil >>


Doom gothic Italian band with Cristina Scabbia on vocals.

Lita Ford >>

Hard rock guitarist from 80s and early 90s. Played with Joan Jett in the Runaways and made a duet with Ozzy Osbourne in her first album.