Harlow >>


Harlow are an all girl band, fronted by Amanda Roots (of Fluffy), Chimene (of The Penny Dreadfuls), Rebecca Gibb and Rayshele Teige.

Formed in 1999 (as P.U.S.H and then as Ansias) they have recorded 'Serial Killer Hangover' with the help of Pat Smear (Germs, Nirvana, Foo Fighters)

Lush >>


Lush are an English alternative rock band, formed in 1987, disbanded in 1998, and reunited in 2015.1 The current lineup consists of Miki Berenyi (vocals, guitar), Emma Anderson (vocals, guitar), Phil King (bass) and Justin Welch (drums).

They were one of the first bands to have been described with the "shoegazing" label. Later, their sound moved toward Britpop.

slitbelly >>

indie rock band formed in 2001. consists of race marx on guitar and lead vocals,dennis lease on drums,fionn carhas on bass,and lee jones on guitarand backing vocals. their sound is sort of pavement meets pj harvey. they are an extremely unique band.

Betty Poison >>


Alternative rock under radioactive stars with a powerfull female singer: miss Lucia Rehab.

Kerli >>


I don't like writing about myself, but I'll try
I'm from Estonia, nobody knows where it is. And it doesn't really matter either.

But I've started to appreciate my roots more since I started traveling a lot and recording this album. When I was little, my country was under the occupation of Russia. And they have this saying in Russia "If u don't beat them up, u don't love them".So, I grew up being loved, but being treated like shit. Nobody respected their kids. And it's amazing, ...

Ella Blame >>


Ella Blame's music sounds like a 21st-century version of Pink Floyd fronted by a 21st-century mixture of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Björk.

Ella Blame comes from a family of musicians and was already singing by the age of 3. Everyday during her childhood, she heard music almost around the clock - symphonic, operatic, chamber and twelve-tone music, jazz of all styles, R&B, soul, funk, rock and pop.

Ella has an extremely wide vocal range, i.e., her voice covers the entire baritone, te...

Lahannya >>


Lahannya - the voice of industrial club act Soman and resident DJ at London's Slimelight club - is now presenting her own project, which she wryly describes as dark alternative rock flirting with electro. Her forthcoming album 'Shotgun Reality' has shed the eclectic kitchen-sink sound of her debut EP and comparisons with Throwing Muses and Lush have given way to the likes of Lacuna Coil and Garbage...

Lahannya's first release was a compilation track on US underground noise label Zenflesh, bro...

Spindle >>


Spindle is...
Gina Wong - vocals, piano, guitar, synths
Amber Blahnik - drums, percussion
Tammy Lee - bass, vocals

Spindle is an all female alternative rock band.

Spindle's poetic lyrics, passionate vocals, and intricately composed layers, beautifully intertwine to create a sound that is dark, atmospheric, unique, nostaligic, and unlike anything you've heard before.

Spindle's many influences range from The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and Tool, to Pink Floyd, Nick Cave & The Ba...

Linoleum >>

PJ Harvey >>


Polly Jean Harvey (born 9 October, 1969) is an English musician, singer-songwriter, composer and occassional artist.

Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she is also proficient with a wide range of instruments including piano, organ, bass, saxophone, and most recently, the autoharp.

Harvey began her career in 1988 when she joined local band Automatic Dlamini, featuring long-term collaborator John Parish, as a vocalist and saxophone player. However, in 1991, she formed an eponymous ...