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Review added 7/16/2007

'We're just burning up with energy to get up and kick out fast loud songs and go all out' affirms Tatiana DeMaria, the now 20 yr old front woman who formed the band back in 2003.

TAT have had their fair share of touring over the last 2 years, opening for a bunch of great bands such as THE OFFSPRING, RUFIO, THE START, THERAPY? and many more, as well as playing READING 2004 and DOWNLOAD 2005 for which they received a 4K review in KERRANG!

They have progressed through Europe through the independent release of their Debut Single 'Peace Sex and Tea', which charted in the UK (IAN CAMFIELD's top 5, STEVE LEMACQ's single of the week), sat in the Maltese top ten for 6 weeks and saw them through an arena tour of Poland. The single was put out on Ex Records, through the promotion of the Extreme Sports Channel.

Their follow up single 'Pessimist', (a live performance from Reading Festival) entered the UK BBC rock chart at number 18, providing a decent platform for the band to expand and look to more releases.

Having Just come off 2 Months on this Summer's US WARPED TOUR the band are now back working on their album due for mid 2007 release, and the tours to follow - starting with a European tour with Me First and The Gimme Gimmes !

Review added 7/16/2007

TAT: n. rubbish, trash, 'an old load of tat' (orig. unkn.)

TAT: n. a 3 piece, female fronted, punk/rock band (orig. London Town)