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Review added 6/15/2009

June 12, 2009 @ SLIDE BAR in Fullerton, CA

Well, I am now convinced that SWITCHBLADE KITTY is like the New York Yankees of women bands... the line up might change, but the game remains the same... ASS KICKIN'!!! This time I was ready and stayed as far back as I could from the stage, but that strategy went out the window because the place was packed all the way to the sound booth. I knew it was going to be a memorable night when after the opening song, Nikki, looked at someone in the audience and shouted "Hey! How's your Mom since I stuck that cock up her ass?"

I've always suspected that this band would eventually take the audience hostage, well they did better... they just "took 'em out" and I mean that LITERALLY... I loved watching Billy and Nikki climb on top of the biggest dude in the Mosh and took him down to the floor... all I kept thinking... "WHAT A WAY TO GO! LUCKY GUY!"

The music was on the money! The energy and the girls performance friggin' amazing as always and the audience was on their knees for the girls, sometimes even all fours! 2 times audience members were invited on stage to dance with the girls, but that was only temporary, men were still brought up to be sacrificed, I mean abused and forced to swallow brew from beer bongs!

My two fave parts were when the Mosh Pit got so out of hand that one of the dudes tried slamming Billy while she was singing on stage. BIG MISTAKE, she can hold her own and did, but the others still jumped in causing the guys glasses to fly out into the audience. The brawl never interupted the show, just added to it and ended when LOGAN "the shredder" on guitar kicked the guy in the head! My other fave was the show closing the set with the Sex Pistols, ANARCHY, but with audience on stage singing with the band and the tune ringing out with total SWITCHBLADE KITTY sound! Freakin' awesome! "I AM AN ANTICHIRST!"

You need to see this band!!!

Review added 5/19/2009

Some things just go together, like peanut butter and jelly, president bush and corruption, 50 cent and bullet holes and yes even kittens and switchblades. Meet rock n rolls answer to the pussycat dolls on heroin. Switchblade Kitty is one of the most explosive Hollywood all girl rock acts to hit the metropolis of mayhem since the Runaways smelled the armpit of Wendy O Williams and the plasmatics. the four violators of velocity are creating one of the most sought after and anticipated buzzes that the decadentHollywood music scene has produced in quite some time. But not everything is sharp and cuddly when it comes to this battery of butcher knife babes. Like a train thats ready to derailat any moment, this band since its inception has been on the verge of becoming the next big thing. Unlike other female rock bands, you wouldnt want these girls next door to your house unless you were a fraternity of horny sadomasochist. These famales are rude, nasty and mean and theyhave no problem co-existing in a business thats prodominately ran by men. and although they look like supermodels they live by one motto, "dont bring a knife to a gunfight unless your willing to sever the finger that pulls the trigger" Some girls just wanna watch the world burn and with likes of tommy lee, dave navarro, perry farrell and a who`s who of rock gods that have joined these girls on stage, most these legendary not so subtle giants have helped stir the kool-aid of kaos and have even fallen victim to this hard partying gang of gash. but when carla, gabby, heidi, kelly and kourtney strap on their weapons of mass distraction one thing is for sure. Switchblade Kitty is one precocious pussy that you could never tame like a pet.

Review added 5/18/2009

I've seen them twice now and to me this what happens when you slam The Pussy Cat Dolls into Bikini Kill and The Sex Pistols! Both time I was waiting for them to jump off the stage and rob the crowd with their switchblades, but they never have to pull the knives cause their act kills. They cover songs you love, but they own them in THEIR way! Each girl is a force of nature and their indiviual personalities comes across.

I love when they cover Joan Jett's "Do You Wanna Touch ME" and I'm always tempted to jump on stage when lead singer HEIDI says "Who wants to be my boyfriend?"... BUT, I don't have a death wish and don't want to be on all fours drowning in liquids! The spit flies, the insults fly, Shots of J.D. are poured into the mouthes of gaping fans, the girls swill J.D. on stage and the high energy performance doesn't end till they are all covered in blood... LITERALLY!

I've been following friends bands around L.A. for 4 years now and before that in NYC... I've seen a lot, but this is the most fun and I one of the few where I can't wait to watch 'em take the stage again!!! 2 for 2 so far! I told a friend of mine that this group is gonna catch on in L.A. soon and in a big way. I definitely want to be there to see it!

Review added 4/9/2009

SwitchBlade Kitty is like the Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Studio 54 dipped in punk rock batter, lit on fire and kicked out on the streets of Los Angeles to run WILD!
Adorned in stratigically placed electrical tape and more ripped fishnet than your fantasy can handle these girls destroy every venue they touch!
These angry girls liken themselves to a mix between Wendy O' Williams and the Sex Pistols with a little bit of GWAR on the side!
SwitchBlade Kitty is originated out of Los Angeles, CA but, plans on taking a chainsaw to the rest of the world. But, be afraid... VERY AFRAID!