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Soundtracks Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You may have already noticed Ladytron's latest single 'Ace of Hz' is featured on the FIFA 2011 video game soundtrack, and as far as soundtracks go, this isn't the last time you'll see the band's name listed on one.

"That's something we've definitely wanted to get into," singer Mira Aroyo tells Spinner, noting the band's interest in scoring everything from computer games to feature films. "A lot of our music has been in films, but we'd like to make more music for film and game soundtracks."

The quartet's ultimate goal is to score an entire film, but they will take it one step at a time, as Aroyo explains, "at the moment, we're talking about scoring some games."

Their contribution to FIFA is just the latest of several projects that boast the group's synth-powered beats, with their sonic handiwork showcased on flicks like 'August' (2008), 'Sorority Row' (2009), and last year's fashion documentary about Vogue Magazine, 'The September Issue.'

Scanning this list, one can gather that Ladytron's dark and eerie electro-pop lends itself quite well to a variety of projects. But what type of film or video game does the band, themselves, think would best suit the Ladytron touch?

"Something that definitely has its own mood," says Aroyo. "It's slightly melancholic but with funny elements, as well.

"A horror film would be a lot of fun," she adds.

Another genre that Aroyo believes to be a good fit are Westerns, which might seem a little odd without the following disclaimer: "Not in a typical Western kind of way," says Aroyo, "the way that 'There Will Be Blood' was scored."

Though Ladytron is all about broadening their horizons, the band hasn't lost track of their main focus as evidenced by the arrival of their upcoming full-length later this year. Promising a grander, more mature sound, with an abundance of orchestral elements and organs, the album will remind people that though it's fun to encounter their sounds on a video game or documentary, hearing just one song on a soundtrack rarely satisfies a Ladytron craving.

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