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Review added 10/7/2006

Harlow is best known for its appearance on the VH1 reality vehicle Bands on the Run, which followed four bands across America going through road hell both usual and unusual. The producers came up with numerous challenges to spice things up along the way -- kind of like Road Rules meets a battle of the bands. While Flickerstick won the competition and got a record deal with Epic, Harlow won the attention of former Germs, Nirvana, and Foo Fighters contributor Pat Smear, who produced the self-released debut Harlowland. Amanda Rootes' distinctive vocals can't help but make the disc reminiscent of her previous band, the underrated Fluffy; however, most of the record is a lot more diverse than the three-chord, four-play Cockney tease that was her old outfit. The heavier fare (ballsy lead track "Static Cling," the punky "Evil Twin," and the chugging and rhythmic "Like Drowning," for example) gives you a sense of déjà vu, whereas the rest of the disc seems more unique, borrowing Jane's Addiction psychedelia, post-grunge sensibilities, and a decidedly dark feel that should appeal to the goth set, all wrapped up with strong vocal harmonies and more than a fair share of melodies that stick in the listener's head for weeks. Harlow will have to fight the backlash from its no-holds-barred appearance on the television show, plus the fact that all-girl bands are seemingly an enigma to many. In many ways, the members of Harlow have only themselves and the songs on Harlowland, though if the world were fair, that would be more than enough.

~ Brian O'Neill, All Music Guide

Review added 8/19/2006

Harlow are an all girl band, fronted by Amanda Roots (of Fluffy), Chimene (of The Penny Dreadfuls), Rebecca Gibb and Rayshele Teige.

Formed in 1999 (as P.U.S.H and then as Ansias) they have recorded 'Serial Killer Hangover' with the help of Pat Smear (Germs, Nirvana, Foo Fighters)