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Elastica's 1995 Debut LP Getting Reissued for Record Store Day Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Plans for this year's Record Store Day are beginning to take shape, with U.S. imprint Kanine having announced a handful of exclusives it will be issuing on April 19, including a vinyl repress of '90s Britpop players Elastica's self-titled LP. Though details are slim, Brooklyn Vegan reports that Kanine will repress the 1995 debut from the band, which included former Suede members Justine Frischmann and Justin Welch. This will be the first time the album has arrived on wax since its original release. Fuelled by peppy pop-rock singles like "Stutter" and "Connection," Elastica was a hit on both ... come pressed onto two-colour "starburst vinyl." The album proper, which follows the act's 2013 singles compendium Early Fragments, arrives on standard wax, CD and digitally on April 21. For now, you can sample the album's "Alta" and "Waterfall" in the player at the bottom of the page. Finally, an alternate edition of Surfer Blood's Pythons will also make it to stores on Record Store Day. Apparently this version of the band's sophomore set was too "punky" for Warner Brothers, who co-released the finalized version of the LP in 2013. Elastica's 1995 Debut LP Getting Reissued for Record Store Day

Suede temporarily enlist former Elastica drummer Justin WelchSuede Tickets Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Suede have temporarily enlisted former Elastica drummer Justin Welch. Welch will replace the band's sticksman Simon Gilbert, who has been struck down with TB. A statement on the band's Facebook page reads: "We are sorry to report that Simon Gilbert has contracted tuberculosis, a condition that is only treatable with a prolonged period of antibiotics and rest." It continues: "Because of this he is unlikely to be able to perform with Suede at the forthcoming shows in Copenhagen and Barcelona. However, both Simon and the band feel that these shows must go on and thus the group will be rehearsing with long-term friend of the band Justin Welch to make sure that this can happen. Simon wants everyone to know that he is receiving great care and that he is sure that his recovery will be as speedy as possible - Suede HQ." The band are currently touring their sixth album 'Bloodsports', which was released in March. The LP was the band's first in over 10 years and entered the Official UK Albums Chart at Number 10, giving them their first Top 10 hit since 1999's 'Head Music'. Suede temporarily enlist former Elastica drummer Justin WelchSuede Tickets

Elastica's debut stole from the best, embodying Britpop while staying punk Tuesday, March 26, 2013

records were also all over the place, drawing from every previous decade of English rock and mixing it all into some self-congratulatory orgy of anachronism. It sounded fantastic, and I'm sure it made sense to them. For me, though, it was like watching Benny Hill with guitars. Which is why Elastica became my favorite Britpop band--and its 1995 debut, Elastica, remains my favorite Britpop album. Nervy, sultry, robotic, monochromatic, and full of punk snarl, the band did not have room for a bunch of Union Jacks on its black-and-white uniforms. Nor did it have room for a bunch of penises. Britpop was mostly a lad's club--more or less a frat--yet Elastica had allowed just one man in the band. And they kept him in the back, dutifully drumming. It made for a spiky, rollicking kind of Britpop that made Suede sound stuffy, as Sex Pistols had with Pink Floyd. When punk exploded in England in 1977 on the wave of Sex Pistols' "God Save The Queen," the movement became staunchly anti-patriotic, even when it wasn't being overtly political. By the same token, Elastica didn't sing protest songs; lead singer and guitarist Justine Frischmann wrote lyrics more about rotten romances, domineering sex, and the odd snippet of silly weirdness. If Blur's members were arch social critics and Oasis' were corny sentimentalists, Elastica's members were just plain brats. Case in point: the way Frischmann sneers, taunts, and snaps a wad of virtual bubblegum as she covers the need for lube in the Elastica track "Vaseline." By no means, though, was Elastica estranged from the Britpop mainstream. Within that scene, they were royalty--or at least Frischmann was. A founding member of Suede who was, at the time of Elastica's ascent, in a long-term relationship with Blur frontman Damon Albarn (who also played

La Banda Elastica Showcase Tonight at Buca Thursday, March 15, 2012

100 percent accuracy. And later, Kali Mutsa brings to our ears an exciting new mix of enchanting pyrenee gypsy and balkan sounds. Accompanying these artists is Chilean sensation Francisca Valenzuela. Between the addictive hooks and sweet melodies is deep sea of profound meaning and spirit. Her custom-built pop is intelligently fashioned to get you dancing during choruses and thinking during verses. For any of you hungry for GREAT music, be sure to order a plate of what's in store at this show. Check it all out tonight at Buca Lounge, 422 B Congress Ave. La Banda Elastica Showcase Tonight at Buca