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News Sunday, October 29, 2006

Evil Bong

Another Collide song is set to be immortalized in film. "Euphoria" is being used in the film "Evil Bong." That's right, you read it right, we said "Evil Bong." It is a Horror Comedy that stars Tommy Chong of the famous Cheech and Chong duo. For any of you trekkies out there, it also has a cameo appearance by William Shatner.

The film revolves around a possessed evil bong named EeBee. We hear that it is destined to be a cult classic. As the title suggests, the tale of 'Evil Bong' is quite a simple one. A studious young college kid moves in with a bunch of stoners who purchase a possessed bong from an ad in the back of High Times magazine. The bong arrives, and the roomies smoke out, only to find out, one by one, their “ultimate trip” ends in death.

The movie will be released on DVD late October, 2006 at Blockbuster Videos and Hollywood Videos nationwide.

Lunatics at Myspace

The lunatics are taking over the asylum. We are declaring the rest of this month lunatics month. If you have lunatics on your site and you want a FREE Collide CD with any order of a T-shirt, DVD, or CD just say so in the notes section when you place your order.

Lithium Radio

We would like to send out a thanks to Matt who plays a lot of Collide music every week, as well as a lot of other cool stuff on his radio show
The name of the Site is Shattered Reality Radio and he plays everything from Goth to Metal to Punk to good old Rock. It's a private site so you have to join to listen to all the shows. The name of his show is LithiumRadio and it airs every Friday all day, repeat shows are played until 8 PM eastern time and a short version airs Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 11 AM eastern. So go listen to his show =).

More Bellydancing

Once again the lovely Tempest has released another Belly Dance DVD. It is called "Beautiful Freaks" and includes music by Collide, Skinny Puppy, and Nox Arcana.
For more info on this, please check Tempest's website.

Saints & Sinners

Saints & Sinners which are the designs of kaRIN, are gearing up for if you want to have something made for that special person on your list ... start thinking about it now. Each item is handmade and takes up to 3 weeks for shipping. T-shirts, Belts, Jewelry, Purses, ID Cases, Cigarette Cases, Condom Cases and more. To view check here

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